Our First Day Absence Management service is an effective way to reduce sickness absence in the workplace.

How it Works

A Nurse will call the employee on the first day of absence. He or she will then ascertain the likely length of absence, if any treatment is being received and any further support that would benefit the employee  (i.e access to EAP service).

We are also able to establish if  the condition likely to be work related, and if there are any adjustments required to enable a return to work. The Nurse will offer advice and support, where appropriate.  

Benefits of the Service

  • Same day reporting to the employer with information on the nature of the absence
  • Facilitate a quicker return to work
  • Cuts out the majority of ‘duvet days’ and acts as a deterrent for non- legitimate absences
  • A supportive measure, providing help and guidance to employees
  • Ability to signpost employees to further services (such as EAP programmes, Counselling, Physio etc) to facilitate a quicker return to work
  • Employees called on day one are much more likely to return to work than those called on subsequent days