Face fit testing is a legal requirement for wearers of close fitting masks. A face fit test is a simple 20 minute test which checks whether a persons masks fits their face shape and size.

Here at Insight Health Screening, we offer the Qualitative Face Fit testing method. This test is a simple pass or fail test, based on whether the wearer is able to detect a test agent.

The qualitative test is suitable for disposable half masks and re-usable half mask respirators

Whilst they are wearing the mask, a test agent is sprayed into a hood worn over the head.  If the wearer can detect the test agent then the mask leaks and does not provide a good enough fit. We use a Bitrex (bitter) or Saccharin (sweet) solutions.

On-Site Testing

We are able to carry out face fit testing on-site, at our clinics or at the same time as a medical, if required.